Jordan Castro, founder of Culinarium, uses scientific methodology to create the simplistic elegance of his concrete accoutrements.
Boston, MA

Who knew concrete could be so beautiful?

Founder of Culinarium, Jordan Castro, saw an unfamiliar medium for accoutrements that married form and function.

Like a mad-scientist in a lab, Castro began tinkering with his concrete recipe from his studio in Plum Island, Massachusetts. He sat for hours, as if with a lab coat and bunsen burner, not satisfied until he could create the perfect blend of color, form, texture, and longevity.

Turns out, concrete is a tricky mixture.

Culinarium's carefully crafted line of eco-conscious, concrete accessories speaks to the assiduousness of its creator. The clean lines and industrial textures lure you, despite their grey camouflage. The hand-burnished carnauba wax creates a ceramic-like finish that adds a polish to its rough exterior.

Castro's perfected formula assures a timeless product and a design that seems anything but formulaic.

Now a master of the concrete craft, Castro describes his products with words such as, "cementitious" and "pozzolans," leaving us mere amateurs with mouths agape, as if back in a high-school chemistry class.

While we may not comprehend the composition of Culinarium's creations, the beauty of his products are universally recognizable and a welcome addition to any home.